August, a crowded beach, suddenly a child wanders away from his family looking for a bit of sand to build a castle on. On the way back, the child becomes disorientated and ends up crying inconsolably surrounded by a crowd of tourists.

This scene is repeated 5,000 times a year on our beaches. Stories which in most cases mean that we parents have the fright of our lives.

The Barcelove bracelet will not stop your child getting lost, but it will seriously cut down the time of hysteria, I mean, waiting.

Put it on when you’re going to the beach or the fairground or the shopping centre or to hand their letter to Father Christmas etc. Put it on in the airport, in the railway station, when you’re abroad, at your village fair, in Disneyland Paris. Put it on wherever you are, so you never have to regret not doing so.

And if you don’t mind one last piece of advice, always keep a spare in the car (the gear lever could have been designed for storing a pair of these bracelets).

That’s it. We only hope that once you’ve got one, none of you ever has to use it.